Rope Wrap

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart holding a short bar with a weight tied on the end of a rope.

  • Wind the rope by gripping the bar with one hand and hyperextending the other wrist. Repeat this action until the rope is wound completely around the bar. Unroll it slowly reversing the movement.

  • Rope, weight plate, handle

  • Arms 

  • Wrist extensors and flexors

  • TIP: Alternate your hands evenly as you roll the weight up. Keep your spine neutral and your elbows slightly bent, arms about chest high.

Variations for Rope Wrap

  • Reverse Forearm Curl

    It is important to strengthen your forearms with an overhand grip, as well as underhand. Using free weights will allow you to use as light or heavy of a weight as you need to.

  • Forearm Curl

    These exercises work the smaller muscles of your arms so that they become strong enough to help your larger upper body muscles lift weight.


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