Captains Chair

  • Stand on foot pegs, place your elbows on the forearm pads and grasp the handles. Pull your shoulders down.

  • Keep your neck long, take your feet off the foot rests and lift your knees towards your chest. Keep your spine neutral. Focus on your abs doing the work to lift your legs so the hip flexors don't do the work.

  • Abdominals 

  • Rectus abdominis, Latissimus dorsi, Triceps brachii

  • TIP: When you take your feet off the foot rests, try to maintain your position, not allowing yourself to sink down towards the ground. Limit yourself to a smaller range of motion if you find that you are unable to keep your spine in neutral as your legs move.

Variations for Captains Chair

  • Straight Leg Lifts

    This version is harder than lifting your knees towards your chest in the Captain's Chair.

  • Alternating Knee Lifts

    Lifting one knee at a time can help strengthen your obliques while also working your rectus and transverse abdominals.


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