Reverse Curl

  • Lay supine with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands by your hips palms down.

  • Engage your abdominals, and lift both feet off the floor and pull them in to your chest, rolling through your spine to lift your hips off the floor. Roll back to the floor slowly to the starting position, touching just your heels to the floor to encourage your abs to stay engaged.

  • None

  • Abdominals  Core 

  • Rectus abdominis, Transverse abdominis

  • TIP: To make this exercise easier, lift one leg, lower it, then repeat on other leg. Then challenge yourself by lifting one leg, then the other, lower the first, then lower the second.

Variations for Reverse Curl

  • Pizzaholders

    This helps develop core balance and abdominal strength with your feet and your hands off the floor.

  • Dead Bug Crunch

    A crunch combo, lifting your head and hips off the floor. These target the entire rectus abdominis and can be made more challenging by lifting your legs straight to the ceiling instead of keeping them bent.

  • Crunches

    The traditional crunch, these crunches can be done anywhere and work your rectus abdominis, aka your six-pack muscles.


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