Modified Superman

  • Lay face down with your legs straight. Place your fists on top of each other on the floor under your forehead.

  • Lift your head and hands, then lower to floor. Lift your body and elbows higher for more difficulty, or lift just your head for less difficulty.

  • A mat is helpful.

  • Back 

  • Shoulders 

  • Erector spinae

  • TIP: Lift your hands connected to your forehead when your strength allows.

Variations for Modified Superman

  • Superman

    If you are comfortable on your stomach, this is a great exercise to stretch out your body and strengthen muscles that are often ignored.

  • One-arm Superman

    This is easier on your back than the regular Superman exercise since you are lifting one arm and the opposite leg. It works your back a bit differently than the Superman, so has its own benefits.

  • Cat Curl And Stretch

    This back strengthener has a built-in stretch for your abs, back and neck.

  • Back Extension

    Bend forward as far as you can comfortably to strengthen your back and hamstrings as well as stretch your hamstrings. AKA Table Top.


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