Cat Curl And Stretch

  • Kneel with your hips directly over your knees and shoulders directly over your hands with a neutral spine.

  • Engage your abs, then contract your abs and round your back tucking your chin to your chest. Pause, then go through the neutral spine and continue to arch your back and look to the ceiling keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

  • A mat is helpful.

  • Back  Core 

  • Trapezius, Levator scapulae, Latissimus dorsi, Erector spinae

  • TIP: Inhale during the movement, and exhale as you reach the deepest contraction or arch, exhaling the last bit of air as you reach the very end of your movement.

Variations for Cat Curl And Stretch

  • Superman

    If you are comfortable on your stomach, this is a great exercise to stretch out your body and strengthen muscles that are often ignored.

  • One-arm Superman

    This is easier on your back than the regular Superman exercise since you are lifting one arm and the opposite leg. It works your back a bit differently than the Superman, so has its own benefits.

  • Modified Superman

    You can leave your head and hands on the floor and try to lift only your legs, or leave your legs on the floor and lift only your head.

  • Back Extension

    Bend forward as far as you can comfortably to strengthen your back and hamstrings as well as stretch your hamstrings. AKA Table Top.


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