Stair Climber

  • A stair climber looks like a mini escalator which rotates so that you have to keep picking up your feet and put them down on the next steps in order to stay on the machine. It is an intense workout for your heart and legs, as long as you do not reduce the workload by leaning on the handrails with your arms.

  • Step slowly with a moderate range of motion and speed to warm up with your hands lightly resting on the handrails. Leaning on them, especially with your thumbs rotated outward, increases risk of upper body injury and decreases the workload on your cardiovascular system. Increase the speed/resistance level and your range of motion once your muscles are warmed up. Do a 3-5 minute cool down of slow climbing before you stop to stretch.

  • Hips, Thighs, Calves

  • TIP: In order to prevent injury and to give yourself an effective leg and heart workout, do not lean on the handrails. If you find it tempting to do so, lift your hands off the handrails for ten seconds and feel your legs power you through the motion.

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