• Warm up with a light resistance for 3-5 minutes then increase your intensity for your main workout. This can be done by increasing the resistance and the height of the ramps.

  • Keep your hands lightly on the bars while you exercise so that your heart rate stays elevated to get you in better shape. Cool-down for 3-5 minutes with a light resistance before you step off the machine to stretch.

  • Some elliptical machines adjust to a steep incline; others may have a fixed range of motion. Heart rate monitors may be on the handle bar and work by placing your palm and fingers around the sensor and holding them there until your heart rate is read.

  • Glutes, Thighs, Lower legs

  • TIP: Check on your feet every now and then and make sure that they are totally parallel to each other. It is tempting to let the toes turn our slightly but this is poor form for your knees and can lead to injury. Also check to make sure your feet are parallel.

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