• Swimming slowly is a good way to warm up. If the water is cold, you may want to do an easy warm up before you get in the pool since it may be too cold to stand still and stretch in the water after your warm-up. Once you have warmed up and stretched, especially your back, neck and calves you are ready to start your swim.

  • Choose what kind of swim you want to do before you get in the water. This helps prepare your mind for what you are about to do, and can also shape your warm-up and pre-stretch to make the most out of your swim workout. Know which strokes you are going to use and how many laps (or how far) you are going to do for each one.

  • Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Hips, Thighs, Lower legs, Abdominals

  • TIP: Rather than getting in the water and just imitating strokes you have seen other people do, learn how to properly execute each swim stroke that you want to use in order to make your workouts more efficient and prevent future injuries.

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