• Cycle for 5-10 with a low resistance and slow speed to warm up and properly lubricate your muscles. Get off your bike if possible and stretch for 5-10 minutes to loosen up your muscles before your main ride in order to get the most bang for your buck, paying attention to your quads, calves, chest, back and neck. These are usually the first to cramp up during a ride. Then, hit the road or the trail.

  • If you are riding outside, it is ideal to know where you are going and the safest way to get there since cars and other obstacles may get in the way if you pick a route that is traffic heavy. So grab a map or ask a friend and know where you are going. Bring your heart rate down gradually after a hard ride by cycling lightly as you return to your starting point, then stretch out immediately afterwards.

  • Hips, Thighs, Lower legs, Back, Arms

  • TIP: Know the international hand signs for stopping, turning left or right, and slowing down so that you let others on the road know what your intentions are. This can prevent accidents from happening and prevent injuries which can keep you off the road.

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