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  • Exercise Groups

    Forming or joining a group is a great way to stay motivated. If you don't see a group you'd like to join, create your own exercise group by gathering up friends and family with similar fitness interests.

  • Running Groups

    Running by yourself can be peaceful, but when you run out of steam whose going to spur you on. Find a trusty group to run with and you may just find you exceed your own physical expectations.

  • Walking Groups

    What's better than walking and talking with friends...walking, talking and getting in shape with friends. Join a walking group in your neighborhood or be a trailblazer and create your own.

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  • Group Exercise Basics

    Even if you're not an extrovert, you can benefit from exercising within a group. When you join a fitness or exercise group, you are acknowledging to others your commitment to living healthy and staying fit. The group members then hold you accountable for this commitment. They also become a free source of motivation and support. There are many types of group exercise to enjoy. You can join an activity specific group, like walking, running or cycling groups. Or you can join gender specific or age-related groups like Young At Heart here at FitLink. Sports are another fantastic and exciting way to participate in group exercise. You can also keep the group close to you by creating a group made up of friends and family. Sharing your enthusiasm for physical fitness can inspire others to pursue active lifestyles. The group you create can even be one that meets up on the internet. A long distance fitness group that communicates, shares and spurs each other on through messaging and emailing is just as valuable as one you can meet up with in person.

  • Walking Groups: Mommy and Me

    Get your pre-baby body back today. Before you had a baby, you saw that gaggle of moms with coffee, sitting on the benches near the park, and wondered how they even had time to drink the coffee. Now you're in their position and wishing you had more time to exercise. But there is time, you just have to make the most of it. Walking is an easy and quick way to jump start any exercise regime or weight loss plan. There are a lot of walking groups for moms across the nation. There are even hundreds of jogging/running strollers on the market that are perfect for the kind of walking that gets your blood pumping, not just the kind you do when window shopping. Fresh air will do both you and the baby good. Also, having someone to talk to on your walks about your trials and tribulations is fantastic therapy. Consider a few things before committing to a walking group of moms: 1) the activity level of your child and the children you are walking with 2) when your child naps (this will be a good time to take them on a long walk) 3) how much stuff you can travel without in order to keep the stroller light. Walking at a quick pace, taking long strides and pushing the stroller will help your heart rate increase which will in turn increase the amount of fat you burn. You can set goals with the other moms and track your progress as a group, all the while watching your children grow and forming new friendships.

  • Running Groups For Beginners

    Not all those who run are training for marathons or triathlons. There are many groups to help facilitate professional or competitive running, but there are also many running groups for those who are out there for the fun of it or the calorie burn. If you've just taking up running and need some guidance, finding a running group can help you to run farther and faster. Running groups typically have a leader who will help create and maintain a schedule, find appropriate tracks and trails, and keep everyone up to "speed". There may even be a second group leader. With two running group leaders, one will stay with the faster paced runners and the other will stay in the back of the pack. Running within a group has numerous benefits. A running group or club provides a healthy dose of physical competition. There is also safety in numbers. Running alone can be dangerous whether at night, in harsh conditions, or for long distances. Additionally, running groups give you the opportunity to expand your social network. You can bring together old friends or meet and make new ones.

  • Hiking Group Exploration

    Exercise and fitness groups can keep you indoors or take you outdoors to places you've never been. Hiking groups are the easiest and possibly most enjoyable way to explore your surroundings or the surroundings of a place you're visiting. Compared to joining a walking group, joining a hiking group will add a bit more impact to your workout. Hikes are typically longer in length than walks and tend to involve steep inclines with rocks or boulders to scale. But hiking doesn't just have to be through the mountains. Hiking groups can be within cities too. With a good city hiking group tour guide, you can explore the city's history while getting your blood pumping. Hiking along park trails can also offer the opportunity to learn more about the natural habitat surrounding you. Hiking groups and bird-watching groups go hand in hand. Be sure to find some good hiking boots, whether you're a mountain, trail or city hiker. They offer stability, support and all-weather protection.

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