Fitness Events in Los Angeles, CA

  • IDEA World Fitness Convention

    August 13, 2014

    (800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA)

    The IDEA World Fitness Convention is THE premier conference that features the freshest, most diverse educational programming from world-renowned presenters. Explore 330+ sessions in personal training, sports conditioning, group training, nutrition,...

  • Divas Half & 5K in SoCal

    December 8, 2013

    (Ontario, CA)

    Join the largest women’s half marathon & 5K series in the US with stops in N. Myrtle Beach, San Francisco Bay, Long Island, Puerto Rico and our 2 NEW LOCATIONS, SoCal and DC’s Wine Country! Running, flowers, boas, tiaras & bubbly! What more could a DIVA...

  • Bubble run

    May 25, 2013

    (Irvine, CA)

  • GI Joe Fall Pier 2 Pier Run/Walk

    November 10, 2012

    (15 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA)

    GI Joe Presents:
    Fall Pier to Pier Run/Walk
    "From Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach Pier and back in the sand"

    Saturday, November 10th 2012

    "You Should Be Here With With Your Team T-shirts Running/Walking"

    Now it’s all about you.


  • Divas Half Marathon At San Juan & 5k

    November 13, 2011

    (Private Rd, San Juan Capistrano, CA)

    Join us for the Divas Half Marathon in Puerto Rico and immerse yourself in the history of the old city as well as modern San Juan! The streets, lined with flowers, statues and palm trees will entertain your senses as you experience this amazing run!

  • Zumba with Kathy Friedlander

    September 15, 2011

    (5429 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA)

    This high energy aerobic class features easy-to-follow dance routines set to music from around the world. Fun, easy and great for the body and mind! Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel and water. Kathy Friedlander is a certified instructor and...

  • Power Pilates, Cardio Bootcamp

    September 14, 2011

    (5429 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA)

    Tighten, Tone and Sweat with Power Pilates. Drop your kids and the weight off. The only equipment you'll need is your body! Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel and water. Carolyn Barnes is a certified Pilates trainer, and healthy living lifestyle...

  • Yoga for Seniors with Inner Power Yoga

    September 13, 2011

    (5429 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA)

    The class will focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance and calm in a non-competitive environment. It will educate those who want to incorporate the principals of yoga safely and gently regardless of experience or fitness level. Bring a yoga mat,...

  • Building from the Ground Up – Yoga Flow

    September 12, 2011

    (5429 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA)

    YogaWorks, Equinox and 360 Health Club Instructor, Holli Rabishaw, will lead a mixed level yoga flow class with inspired music and uplifting poetry. We will raise the roof of our individual and community potential by filling our new sacred walls with...

  • Krav Maga – Jewish Martial Arts with Joh

    September 12, 2011

    (5429 Lindley Ave, Tarzana, CA)

    Come experience Krav Maga; the official self defense system of the Israel Defense Force. This practical, instinct-based system is designed for use by men and women of all ages and abilities, and is the system of choice for hundreds of law enforcement...

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