Basic Info

  • 36 year old female

  • September, 2010

  • Wichita, KS

About Me

  • I am an AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer, and am currently working on my DBA through Columbia Southern University. I also am happily married to my husband Jared Mattke, and we recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary this June 19, 2010.

  • I am normal on my weight and no longer underweight.

  • Lifting too much weight

  • Eat right

  • Yoga, Pilates, Cycling and Aerobics

  • Getting out of breadth

  • Have my husband or friend do it with me.

  • A combination of cardio and weights with much consistency on a regular basis.

Fitness Details

  • Improve overall health

  • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

  • I prefer partners who push through an intense workout with minimal chit-chat.

  • Afternoons (2pm-5pm)

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