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Find amateur or professional dance partners and instructors to improve your technique, and practice your moves with.

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    No one wants to dance by themselves all the time. Find a dance partner to spin around the dance floor or to create a dance combination with. Practice your moves together and share technique advice.

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    You can find instructors who teach ballroom, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop or modern. Look for dance instructors with professional experience or degrees in dance or dance education to ensure proper training.

  • Dance Studios

    There are formal dance studios, academies and schools that teach all types of dance to all ages. Also, many gyms now offer dance classes that utilize music, dance and aerobic activity to make getting in shape fun.

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  • Dancing Partner Basics

    Whether you like ballet, jazz, modern or ballroom, dancing with a partner is a rewarding experience. Finding the perfect dance partner takes time and commitment. You and your partner need to have similar technique levels. If you are partnering with the opposite sex, be sure your dance partner is the right size or has enough strength to partner you. Partnering in ballet involves a lot of lifting and spinning. Size is less important in dance forms like modern, jazz and hip hop where the moves are not performed specifically by gender.

    Dance partners have to be good communicators in order to perfect tricks and execute them flawlessly. You also have to feel connected to your partner. At some point, in most choreography, you will either have to be very close to your partner or will have to look them in the eye. If you can not do either of these things without laughing or feeling queasy then you have chosen the wrong dance partner. Dancing is extremely intimate. It will take time for you and your dance partner to develop a level of intimacy, so give your partner relationship time. If you practice enough, you can even compete in dance competitions with your partner.

    One of the things all great dance partners must have is good abdominal strength. You must be able to balance on your own and support your partner in different positions. After dance class or practice, you and your dance partner can go to the gym for some strength training. Try this Balance and Core Workout in the gym or at home.

  • Intro to Ballroom Dancing

    A ballroom dancing craze has taken full force since the first episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars. It is a beautiful and exhilarating art form that incorporates classical dance form, with cultural dance techniques and partnering. It is not only a great way to cultivate grace and pose, but it also is very aerobic, helping to tone and sculpt the entire body.

    If you are thinking about taking up ballroom dancing, there are many different styles to choose from. Ballroom dance styles are split between American styles and International styles. They are also divided into groups of formal ballroom dancing and social dancing. Some of the most popular styles include swing, cha cha, waltz, foxtrot and rumba. In all ballroom dancing styles, there is a standard dance position which is held either close to your partner (international styles) or more open and away from your partner (american style). Each style will also have a music type that it is typically performed to. The set steps are choreographed in time with this style of music, so that you can change the song without having to change the dance style.

    If you are not sure what style of ballroom dance you'd like to practice, try out an introductory class that teaches you the basics of the most popular styles. And don't be afraid to go to a dance class alone. Many ballroom dance studios offer classes the have couples and single folk in them, and will make everyone switch partners regularly, so all get to practice.

  • Finding A Dance Instructor

    Dance instructors and teachers are your mentors in movement. They must be proficient and fluent in the style and technique of the dance form you are practicing. They must also be passionate about their art form and have an inspiriting nature. Many colleges and univerisites offer degrees in dance, dance history, and dance education, so you can look for a teacher who has a degree in dance to ensure they have appropriate credentials. However, not all great dance teachers have degrees. Many dancers skip college and instead directly pursue a career in dance performance. Ask for your dance instructor's resume to see how long and where they have performed. A solid dance career can be anywhere from 5 years to 35 years. A great dance instructor is creative; varying class combinations and music to keep her/his students interested. Beware of the teacher who talks too much. It is important that your teacher be able to articulate the dance technique and any corrections you may need. However, you will want to be moving as much as possible to fully benefit from any class. Some dance instructors will be easy while others will be very strict. It is good to find a balance. You want your teacher to push you, but also help you stay committed by motivating you with positive feedback.

  • Hip Hop Dance Workout

    Ever spend a night watching hip hop music videos? Have you ever felt a twinge of envy when staring at the bodies of the male and female hip hop dancers working their butts off behind the rappers? Well, you can now hip hop your way into great shape too!. Many gyms and health clubs offer hip hop dance exercise classes that accommodate beginner to intermediate level participants.

    Hip hop is typically danced to rap, R&B, pop and hip hop music. Hip hop movement includes breaking, popping, locking, house dance and electro dance. Breaking evolved from street dance and acrobatics. Pop and locking mimics the beats of hip hop music by accenting different body parts through fluid movement and held poses with meticulous synchronicity. A typical gym hip hop class will involve a warm up and then an easy to follow, add-on choreography combination that will get you sweating and your heart pumping. A lot of professional hip hop dancers have also created workout routine DVDs with movements that help tone your upper and lower abs, your obliques, your leg muscles and your bum. Find a class to try today!

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