About Dance

  • One of the most natural forms of exercise, dance can be for everyone. It's been done in hundreds of different forms on every continent. Whether you dance alone in your room with the door closed or with other people in a gym or club environment, it works the whole body and usually touches the spirit too, especially when accompanied by music that inspires you. A lot of gyms offer classes that are dance based, so try out a few different ones to see which give you the best feeling, the best workout, and the longing to come again. There are usually ballroom or social (like swing or salsa) classes taught at dance studios if you really enjoy it and want a little more specific instruction. Don't forget about your own radio or ipod -- turn it up and let your body move in whatever direction the music takes you. You'll get a great workout and it's virtually impossible not to grin at yourself!

Keep a Dance Log

  • Dance can be free-form and done at any party or it can be technical and disciplined, such as ballet or tap. It develops co-ordination, strength, and musicality.

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