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By: sybil - February 11, 2009
Get a Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates Pass Book for New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Houston thru PassBooks.

Recession got you down? Don’t let a lack of cash keep you from the gym or your yoga practice. For $75, you can get a pass book, like a big ole’ pile of already organized coupons, to the best NYC gyms, yoga studios and Pilates studios. When you buy more than 2 books, you save even more. Get your friends in on the deal and you can get a free pass book. Look at it this way: if you only use the pass book for 7 free yoga classes this year, you would be paying just over $10 per class which is less than most regular classes cost. I have a friend who has used both the gym pass book and the yoga pass book for years. They have given her the opportunity to explore all New York has to offer in terms of different facilities, styles of fitness, trainers and teachers.

There are a few things to be aware of: you sometimes have to call ahead to make sure the gym or studio is still honoring certain coupons. And coupons do have expiration dates. However, the benefits definitely outweigh these glitches. Take the opportunity this year to explore fresh, new avenues of fitness that you may have passed over because you already had a membership somewhere or were just feeling a financial pinch. Check out the American Health and Fitness website, www.health-fitness.org for more information. They also have passbooks for Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles!

Here are the six books you can choose from:

1. New York Fitness PassBook
2. New York Yoga PassBook
3. New York Pilates PassBook
4. Chicago Fitness PassBook
5. Houston Fitness PassBook
6. Los Angeles Fitness PassBook

You can even join the group called Yoga/Fitness PassBooks here on FitLink and find out who else is exploring new classes in the city. Tell someone when you're going, and they'll help you stick to your word! Maybe you can even enjoy a smoothie in the lobby afterwards and make a new friend!

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