Berries Instead of Ice Cream?

By: proctor - February 15, 2007
There is a time and place for almost every food on earth. Sometimes though, we reach for ice cream instead of fruit, alcohol instead of Gatorade, or beef instead of soybeans. There is an interesting article I read today that suggests you reach for seven specific foods to calm you down and curb your hunger, instead of reaching for a pint of ice cream then dealing with all of those extra calories (and guilt) you just consumed. So, click here to read more.

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I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2000 who has trained over 3000 hours. I specialize in pre- and post-natal fitness, stretching, running, and weight loss. Yoga is also a passion for me and a way of life. I received my Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in India and love to share the calmness, strength, and openness that yoga offers to people of all ages and abilities.

Public Comments

  • By: fbaker4

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 7:35am

    That is a great article...tiny frozen berries, guacamole& chips, nuts & dark chocolate. Yum.

  • By: haywilliams

    Monday, February 26, 2007 - 7:16am

    What a great article! I have printed it. I am going to buy some berries to freeze tonight, lol. Anything to take away tension while at my desk is worth the investment.

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