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    Tired of chasing after your own baseballs? Lost interest in hitting off a softball tee? Then it's time for a partner! Look for male or female players that share your same skill level and love for baseball or softball!

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    All baseball / softball players, at any skill level, can benefit from a little one-on-one with a coach. Baseball / softball professionals enjoy sharing their expertise, so find a coach today and get your questions answered.

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    Many parks and public spaces have well maintained baseball / softball fields on which you can practice or play a game. Local baseball / softball fields are also the best place to search for local or nearby leagues.

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  • Baseball Partner Drills

    Consistent and regular practice of any sport increases accuracy, power and strength. Practicing with a partner before a big game will mentally and physically prepare you. You and your partner should have a similar skill set and experience level, even if you play different positions. A batter can help a pitcher practice throws while getting in some swing practice himself. Baseball practice should include conditioning, fielding, catching, throwing, swinging, hitting, tossing and running drills.

    Start your baseball partner practice with warm-up drills like throwing the ball back and forth at a 15 foot distance. After 10 completed throws, add another 10 feet to the distance and so on. For hitters, practice perfecting the no "pop up" swing by having you and your partner stand on either side of a fence. Your partner will kneel on one side and toss the ball over the fence to you, then you will hit the ball into the fence.

    You can also try doing runs in a square. Choose a distance for the sides of the square that is challenging for your level. First: Sprint a side line of the square. Next: Cross over step a side line. Then: Sprint a side line again. Finish: Jog the final side line. Add an element by having your partner toss a ball to you one length while you throw one back the next length.

    Baseball practice with a partner will get you in the competitive spirit and also improve your teamwork skills.

  • Softball Partner Drills

    The more you practice softball, the better you will get. The more you practice with a softball partner, the more positive and effective your practice will be; provided your partner is on the same skill level as you. Your softball partner need not be someone who plays the same position as you. In truth, a softball pitcher practicing with a softball hitter can be extremely beneficial for both players.

    Be sure you and your partner start practice with a warm up. Have your partner guide and stretch your arms before pitching or hitting which will help to deepen the stretching while increasing flexibility and allowing you to relas. Try having your partner stand on one side of you. She should then take the opposite arm of the side she is standing on and gently pull it across your chest. She should hold your arm in this position for about 25 seconds. Do this on both sides.

    After you've warmed up, practice quick catching. Start standing about 15 feet apart. Everytime you throw, step towards you partner. Everytime you catch, pull the ball back into you chest and return to a pitching stance. The point of this exercise is to be fast, not powerful, so focus on quick releases of the ball which will help you and your partner increase your reaction time.

    Lastly, practice hitting by having your partner toss two different colored balls to you at once, calling out which one to hit. This drill will also help reaction time and eye to ball connection. If you have drills you'd like to share, start a discussion on our Baseball / Softball Forums.

  • Baseball / Softball Player Workouts

    Sometimes weather conditions put on damper on outdoor baseball or softball practice. If you can't get into a gymnasium on those rainy or cold days, try working out at the gym with your partner. Baseball and softball players need to have strong upper body, abdominal, back and leg muscles. With your partner a baseball or softball create a circuit training series at your local gym.

    Circuit training combines a series of exercises using different cardio and strength training machines into a formatted and timed workout. Choose between exercise machines, resisitance bands, medicine or bosu balls, hand-held weights and aerobic activities including jumping jacks, running in place and push-ups. Create 8 -12 stations then remain at each station from 40 seconds to 2 minutes. As you get use to the circuit, introduce aerobic activities between stations. You and your partner can do a circuit training series in tandem or you can coach each other through for speed and power. Check out our Baseball / Softball Workout for ideas or create your own workout using our Exercise Log.

  • Start Your Own Baseball / Softball Team

    Are you missing the glory days when you played on your high school baseball team or your college softball team? It's never too late to get back in the game. You don't have to relegate your baseball / softball enjoyment to sitting on the bleachers cheering on your favorite team. Gather up your friends and start a team today.

    You are likely not the only person in your circle, or office who misses playing ball. Many companies now have teams that compete against other businesses in city and statewide tournaments. Once you have a good number of players (including a list of backups should scheduling conflicts occur), find the most convenient baseball / softball field for everyone. Next, make a list of what equipment everyone has and what equipment might need to be purchased. Choose a time, maybe twice a week, to practice. During practices, choose a captain and positions. Before you know it you'll be on your way and ready to play against another team.

    Once your team is organized, you can create a baseball / softball group for your team and use FitLink to track your workouts, schedule practices, and announce games or other events.

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