Water and Your Waistline

By: proctor - October 14, 2010
Ever wonder what it actually does to your stomach if you drink a lot of water? It can make a big difference, according to recent research, especially at mealtimes. Read this article on the effect of water for more details, and decide what you think.

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I have been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2000 who has trained over 3000 hours. I specialize in pre- and post-natal fitness, stretching, running, and weight loss. Yoga is also a passion for me and a way of life. I received my Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in India and love to share the calmness, strength, and openness that yoga offers to people of all ages and abilities.

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  • By: Kathee

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 3:42pm

    I enjoyed reading the article although some things were kind of obscure. My biggest problem is drinking water. I'm increasing my water intake on a daily basis. Since I started my diet and workout regime I cut down on sugary juices and sodas but I realized that I had actually cut down on all my liquid intakes to the point of possibly developing dehydration. During my workouts I sweat perfusely and have not cut down my portions so this article helped my to work on to 'problems' at the same time....increase my water intake and eating smaller portions. Well I'll be trying this 'clinical trial' on myself and my children who are also 'dieting'.

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