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By: proctor - July 12, 2011
Warming up your muscles before you do any mild to intense physical activity will not only help you practice or perform better but will also prevent injury as well as make the actual exercise more comfortable, therefore more enjoyable. I have been telling my clients and students for years to make sure they spend at least 5 minutes warming up (more if the activity will be intense) and am thrilled to find supporting articles to share. Read the full article from fitnesspad.com here or go directly to their site by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page:

Always warming up before starting your exercise routine will lower your chances of injury and will get your muscles warmed up and ready for the exercise you are about to begin. Some warming up techniques and tips are here to help you warm up and what to do.

Many times when we do physical activity we forget to warm up and we also forget just how important it is that we do so. Strenuous activity could cause injury if our muscles and tendons are not properly stretched and ready to go. Also, warming up will improve your respiratory rate, blood flow, and oxygen levels. Doing these warming up exercises will make your routine go more smoothly and with less problems. Your body will already be ready and willing to start the exercising. You will have better results during your work out.

A person can warm up properly by doing anything that can get the heart rate to beat faster. Jogging in place, speed walking, or any other cardiovascular activity such as bicycling and or using a rowing machine will work. Start slowly and increase at a pace that is comfortable for you as you feel your heart rate increase also along with your body temperature. This pace will probably be at your current fitness level and watch how your body feels so that you do not over do it. Warming up should not leave you feeling exhausted, that is for your regular workout routine. Instead you should feel energized and ready for more.

Also, the warming up you do can be similar to the activity you are preparing for. So, preparing your body for sports or other heavy or strenuous activity will make the activity easier and not as difficult. Try to stretch the major muscles for eight seconds and to keep moving so the blood does not pool in one area. This keeps the blood flowing equally throughout the body also. While stretching, do not bounce since this could lead to muscle tears and/or pulls.

Conversely, weight lifters will want to add 50% of the weight to the machine and perform the repetitions they plan to do. Then, increase the weight to 80% and decrease to only two to three repetitions. Rest for approximately 30 seconds and repeat both steps. After all this begin your regular workout routine, this will have your body warmed up and make the rest of the work out less daunting and troublesome.

Finally, never forget to cool down also, which is not just relaxing put slowly lessening your routine. This is done in the same way as the warming up routine. Blood gathers in the muscles and can block oxygen that the body needs. In serious cases this could actually lead to a heart attack. So cooling down is just as important as warming up. Staying in good health and fitness is important for everyone and doing the proper warm ups are essential to having a successful work out with the maximum benefits.

Warm Up Before You Exercise

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