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  • 3137 Dixie Highway
    Erlanger, KY 41018

  • (859) 341-4653

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    • There are as many reasons to join a fitness club as there are people. Here are just a few of the great reasons for an Urban Active fitness membership

      Personal Health: The more complex our lives become with family, home and work, the less time we have to spend on our health and well-being. Fitness memberships help people make time.
      Stress Relief—According to the American Council on Exercise, one of the most effective methods of stress relief is exercise. Physically, exercise improves your cardiovascular functions and mentally, exercise provides an outlet for negative emotions such as frustration and anger. A health club fitness membership can help you reduce stress.

      Wellness Focused Workplace: Today, more and more companies recognize the fiscal and physical benefits of having a healthy, fit workforce. They are asking their employees to reduce their weight and take on a healthier lifestyle, and that includes exercise through a program for fitness in order to keep their future outlook healthy & well-balan

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