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About Tucson

The mountain vistas and deserts that encircle Tucson, AZ make it not only a beautiful place to visit, but also a great place to stay active and healthy. Saguaro National Park and the Madera Canyon National Forest are Tucson's prize natural resources. In both parks, there are hiking, biking and running trails. Another great place to bike is along the Rillito River Park Path which stretches for over 6 miles and has nicely paved paths. It seems counter intuitive, but Tucson is also a wonderful place to ski. If you're a ski buff, check out Mount Lemmon Ski Valley in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Additionally, the mountains are a rock climber's dream. Mount Lemmon offers over 1,200 climbing routes and bouldering spots. For indoor climbing practice, check out Rocks and Ropes whose state-of-the-art facility is great for young and old. In the heart of Tucson is the University of Arizona. This bustling community of young and active students keeps Tucson moving. There are tons of gyms and health clubs facilities within in the city including La Fitness and Bally Total Fitness. So, whether you're a Tucson resident or a visitor, there is no reason not to take in the fresh desert air and get your heart pumping in this fantastic southwest city.
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