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    • 72 year old male

    • October, 2007

    • Lawrence, NY

    About Me

    • I like working out for health and fitness because I like being fit. My health is not as good as I would like it tobe. Working out gives me more energy and a better immune response and feels good. I like to read about many things and have returned to school to make a lost dream come true. I want to get in health care and physical therepy. I like the outdoors but must limit some of the things I used to love to do. I love my friends, but would like to new ones too.

    • Breathing fresh air in the morning. Biking to Bear mountian from Queens.

    • Having my left eye's retina detach.

    • To get back into half the shape I used to be in.

    • I've found bodybuilding and Yoga are good for me, but I have to go slow when trying new moves or heavier weights.

    • Setting the right times to do certain exercises. Being consist. Having enough time to do all. Having enough time.

    • Remembering why I started. Having workout friehds. Liking how I feel after working out and knowing what I would be like if I didn't.

    • When I do everything I planned to do without over doing it. Being able to share my time with my friends!

    Fitness Details

    • Improve overall health

    • I am able to get started, and once started I give myself a decent workout.

    • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

    • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

    • I like to workout with friends, but still want to get a good workout.

    • Early mornings (before 8am)

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