To do strength training or cardio: that is the question

By: sybil - July 6, 2009
Feel like there is not enough time in the day to workout, let alone do cardio, strength training and stretching every workout? If you're like me, you have about a 40 minute window to exercise every day. Maybe that window is even less, say 20 minutes. It's not the amount of time that is troubling to me; it's deciding what to do with the time that is difficult.

I'd like to have a sculpted set of abs, a trim waist and a nicely compacted buttocks, but often there are a million different opinions about the right exercise types to do for toning these body parts. Should I spend majority of my time jogging and doing jumping jacks or should I take to the weight bench and fatigue my muscles whenever possible? I recently found a great article at Womenshealthmag.com that shed some positive light on this fitness conundrum. Note that in this article they suggest keeping a log for all the reps you do during a strength training session; FitLink was built to do just that. Start tracking your workouts today with an Exercise Log.

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Melissa has been a professional dancer in NYC for 10 years and holds a BA in Creative Writing from CUNY Hunter College.

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