Secret to Longevity: Flex Your Muscles

By: sybil - July 6, 2009
Larry Haubner, age 107, should be an inspiration to us all. When you feel like you can't get off the couch to go walking or to do some weight lifting, think of how such activity can prolong your life. Larry Haubner, in this article by The Washington Post, suggests the secret to his health and wellness is exercise and clean living. The Washington Post reported that he "takes no medication and can lift his walker over his head." Though the rest of the Washington Post article goes on to discuss the financial difficulties of living past 100, what it doesn't acknowledge is that living healthy and exercising often can reduce the cost of health care while extending your life.

Modern medicine has assisted in extending human longevity, but it is not the only nor most valuable factor. Studies done on centenarians often show that regular exercise is an important component in lengthening an individual's life span. Exercise strengthens your heart and lungs, helps regulate chronic diseases, improves your mood and controls weight gain. In a time of economic hardships, taking care of ourselves on a daily basis with simple, cost-effective methods like working out and eating properly is extremely important. Do something physical today for 30 minutes in honor of Larry. Go for a 30 minute walk. Do some push-ups, jumping jacks and abdominal crunches to get your heart pumping. Stretch out your muscles with some meditative yoga. Take care of your body to ensure you live a long and happy life.

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