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About San Francisco

San Francisco has many fitness activities to offer. Because most of the city is set on an incline, it's easy to find inexpensive fitness opportunity. You can climb the 377 steps that make up the stairs on Filbert Street, one of several streets with historic stairs, for free. Additionally, you can get free exercise and a great view by hiking up to the Twin Peaks Summit. You can also cycle, run or walk on any number of San Francisco's trails including a cycling route that goes for 7 1/2 miles from Golden Gate to Lake Merced. Golden Gate Park is host to numerous fitness events including the San Francisco Marathon. The Golden Gate Promenade is great for running, cycling, and inline skating. Recently, the City Fields Foundation has been working to renovate public park sports fields in areas like the Mission District, Silver Terrace and Garfield Square. You won't have trouble finding gyms or health clubs in San Francisco; look for national chains like Bally Total Fitness, Crunch and 24 Hour Fitness. Just a warning -- San Francisco's weather can change within hours, so dress in layers if you are exercising outdoors.
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