Basic Info

    • 41 year old male

    • October, 2006

    • Lowell, MA

    About Me

    • I work full time in the medical field and I am a student at the same time. I like the outdoors and do different kind of sports to minimize the monotonous effect that the practice of only one sport can bring about. I love water sports as well. Too bad such sport has a limited span of practice over the year due to climatic roughness.
      I like dancing and I intend to go back on that once time permits. There are so many more things that I do and like that you'll find out later. For now, I am looking for a great work out partner compatible with the sports that I practice.

    • Cardiovascular workout.

    • Weight lifting.

    • A great combination of cardio and resistance training for the obtainment of the optimal level of endurance and health.

    • Anything effective and interesting.

    • The management of my work schedule around it.

    • I keep myself motivated by setting a goal to reach, whether it's a race or anything else.

    • A work out completed in a timely fashion while pushing myself far enough, but not until complete exhaustion.

    Fitness Details

    • Increase strength

    • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

    • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

    • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

    • I like to workout with friends, but still want to get a good workout.

    • Evenings (5pm-10pm)

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