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  • I am a mother of two beautiful kids. Have been a stay at home mother for the past 4 years, and feel like it is time I did something with getting my body back in shape. I was a previous gymnast, and seeing my body out of shape, and not toned, makes me feel horrible. I need to be pushed. I get lazy at times and that is unacceptable. I need someone who can push me boot camp style. =-)

  • I have been working on Insanity program, and also EA sports game weight loss program. Since doing EA sports game, for some reason I have been pushing myself more. I guess because they made it more fun, and not so boring. I am also a gamer. Maybe that is why I liked it more =-)

  • I'd like to get toned once again. Feel full of energy.

  • I'm open to anything. BRING IT!

  • Keeping up with it. At times I am so tired with kid activities, personal life, etc., I just give up.

  • I look at toned pictures of women. I also look at my old pictures from gymnast days.

  • When I feel the sweat running down my back and can't feel my legs in the morning I know I got a good work out.

Fitness Details

  • Tone body

  • I am able to get started, but need help pushing myself through a hard workout.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

  • Mornings (8am-noon)

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