Quick summer workout

Basic Info

  • Quick summer workout

  • Under 30 minutes

  • Bodyweight

  • Conditioning

  • Abdominals, Back, Lower body & Upper body

  • proctor


  • 9 sets 9 reps

  • 1 time by 1 person

About The Workout

  • If it's too hot to go to the gym, or you just don't have time for more than a quick workout, try this quick workout which requires no equipment. Fill in the repetitions that you did in order to keep track of your progress day to day or week to week.

Task List

  • Oblique Crunches  
  • Superman  
  • Push-ups  
  • Calf Press  
  • Squats  
  • Lunges  
  • Hip Adduction  
  • Hip Adduction With Squats  
  • Arm Circles  

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