Philadelphia Fitness

About Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a fitness lovers kind of city. It is the largest city in Pennsylvania and not only home to numerous historical monuments, but also to great sports fields, parks and fitness centers. Fairmont Park is Philadelphia's shining star. The park is made up of 63 regional and neighborhood parks that encompasses 9,200 acres. In and around Fairmont Park are fantastic fitness spots. You can rent a bike or inline skates at Llyod Hall and take one of the paths that rides along Schuykill River. There are over 215 miles of trails throughout Fairmont Park. Use the trails to train to be an American Caner Society Charity Runner in the annual 10 mile Broad Street Run. The Phillies, Eagles and Flyers aren't the only residents who need to stay in shape all year round. Philadelphia's residents also like to stay fit and have access to a great variety of gyms and health clubs from the exclusive to the inexpensive. Drop by the 12th St. Gym in its historic location and take a swimming lesson, play a game of b-ball, practice yoga and lift some weights all in one day.
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