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  • For those that are still a Kid At Heart - and would like to learn how to wield a 6 foot Wooden Stick or a Wooden Samurai Sword. A Ninja is someone known to be a person of endurance and perseverance. With this in mind, the NINJA CONDITIONING Classes utilize the skills and techniques used by the Ninja for generations. This class is a combination of light yoga, flexibility, strengthening exercises and aerobics, all mixed in with BASIC NINJUTSU (art of the Ninja) Techniques using a 6-Foot Stick. Based in the traditional Ninja body-conditioning training, known as Junan Taiso, this class is more than just stretching out. It helps to form the basis of "healthy living" by granting you the chance to actually EXPERIENCE your body working in an integrated and harmonious manner.

    Unlike how the Ninja are portrayed in movies and cartoons, the Ninja were a people that took great care in personal development and awareness... not only working on body conditioning but mental conditioning as well. It has been said that they were among some of the most fit people ever to live. This class takes some of their centuries old knowledge and passes it on to us both in body and mental condtitioning.

    Even if you have no interest in Martial Arts, you can still benefit from understanding the feeling of increasing your circle of safety around you, while having a great time working out. If you ARE a practicing Martial Artist, this class can enhance your normal training program.

    Have FUN, Enjoy getting Ninja Conditioned! Whether YOUNG or OLD, enjoy pushing yourself to your limit. The Ninja Conditioning Class meets on Tuesdays at 8:30 am, and the Samurai Sword Conditioning class meets on Thursday at 8:30 am. The First Month is FREE and then after that the classes are by donation, so pay what you can, and enjoy. The classes are held in West Los Angeles at Jinenkan Martial Arts.

    For further information, please call
    (877) 41-SAMURAI
    or e-mail

    I look forward to seeing you in class and being part of this group.


    Janou Lightning
    renewing your mind, body, spirit,
    the Ninja and Samurai Way.

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