Running in New York

About Running in New York

Believe it or not, New York has great running options because of Central Park. If you want a lengthy route, run the Outer Drive for a six mile run. For a short run, just loop around the Reservoir (under 2 miles). Or, for a medium sized run, run the upper part of the Outer Drive and cut it short by staying close to the base of the Reservoir (4 miles). Make your own run by winding through the hundreds of miles of trails, and make it harder by climbing some stairs near the Boathouse or Theatre across from 79th street entrance. If you live on the west side of Manhattan, you can get a great run by going north or south on Riverside Drive without having to stop to cross a street (except maybe once or twice). On the east side, find the FDR Drive and stay on the running/walking path. There are several little parks and benches along the way to stop and stretch if you wish.
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