Muay Thai Institute

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  • 650 Wilmington Ave
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106

  • 801.474.3136

  • About The Location

    • At the Muay Thai Institute, our main purpose is to help our clients meet their individual goals, while maintaining the integrity of the true art of Muay Thai.

      MTI has been able to create a unique atmosphere that is both positive and professional. We help our clients build and stay on the path that they have chosen for themselves, whether they wish to train to increase their fitness level in a non-traditional manner or train to actually compete in the Muay Thai world.

      At the Muay Thai Institute we are committed to helping our clients reach their absolute potential in the most successful atmosphere possible. We strive for only one outcome: to see positive results in our clients that are reflected in all aspects of their lives.

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