Basic Info

    • 52 year old female

    • July, 2010

    • Grover Beach, CA

    About Me

    • I am 43 with the energy and character of 33. I am self-employed and love to work out with intensity. However life can sometimes get in the way - or work - and I choose that instead of working out. I need to make working out a priority to stay healthy and Consistent in balancing work and fitness. I am looking for consistency and workout partners that are interested in motivating each other. I usually work out alone 70% of the time and would like to change that and meet others who make fitness a top priority in their lives too!!

    • I was exactly where I wanted to be on a fitness journey, then life got in the way and I gained 20 lbs.... ashamed and so done with this hickup in my plans!!

    • Road bike racing in 2011

    • I love to road bike. I am interested in learning kick boxing and other cross training that keeps muscle confusion and great workouts challenging.

    • That I choose work instead of working out - motivating self to get out there!

    • keep trying to motivate self and occasionally find others to join in. Obviously I need help here.

    • 1+ hour of Cardio Plus some other toning or strength training activity. Preferred workout timeframe - 5am - 10am

    Fitness Details

    • Improve performance

    • I have trouble getting started, but once started I workout intensely.

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