Basic Info

  • 67 year old female

  • January, 2007

  • West Roxbury, MA

About Me

  • Runner for 30+ years, lap swimmer 13 years, yoga practitioner 7 years. Added weight training five years ago to improve strength and have confidence in ability to climb Kilimanjaro (and did so). Now instruct others in general fitness and strength training. Have added water aerobics and hydroriding to my repertoire in the last year.

Fitness Details

  • Maintain current fitness

  • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

  • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

  • I prefer to exercise alone.

  • Early mornings (before 8am)

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Public Comments

  • By: proctor

    Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 2:33pm

    I just saw that you had pneumonia in November...I hope you are getting better every day! Feel well, Proctor

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