Walking in Las Vegas

About Walking in Las Vegas

Walking in Las Vegas can be very pleasant except in the summer when temperatures can soar above 100 degrees. However, there are so many places to duck inside (casinos, shows, malls, and shops) that you can even get a few miles in during that time of year. Just make sure you take your water bottle and sunscreen.

Los Vegas was the 2007 American City of the Year. There are so many opportunities for entertainment, dining, and sightseeing that it will be difficult to get bored here. If you want to walk around a beautiful golf course and hit some balls, try Desert Lakes Golf Club. For a late night walk, just head up or down the strip and people watch. There are benches everywhere in case you get tired and need to sit and sip your cool beverage. If you want to head away from the center of the action, there are many rolling hills to walk up and down. Sunset Park, Wayne Bunker Park and Freedom Park are open to the public and offer wide open spaces, picnic areas, and more.
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