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About Greensboro

Greensboro - a very green place indeed! The city is the smaller sister of Raleigh and Charlotte, but offers just as many opportunities for fitness activity. Greensboro prides itself with having over 80 miles of nature trails ranging from paved garden trails to natural park trails. Around downtown Greensboro construction is underway on Greenway's loop. The Greenway loop will encircle downtown with walking, cycling and running trails, small parks and education centers. Additionally, Greensboro keeps up a fantastic system of Watershed Parks that surround Lake Higgins, Lake Townsend and Lake Brandt. Visitors to Watershed Parks can kayak, canoe, walk, hike and bike around the lakes. Greensboro is also home to the University of North Carolina and therefore is not lacking in gym and health club locations. For a cheap fitness investment, check out the Greensboro YMCA which offers classes for the young and old exercise fiends. If you would like more personal attention, visit Fitness Together which offers one on one personal training.
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