Full Body Cardio Workout

Basic Info

  • Full Body Cardio Workout

  • Under 15 minutes

  • Machine

  • Conditioning, Fat burning, Strength & Women

  • Abdominals, Back, Chest & Lower body

  • proctor


About The Workout

  • This cardio workout is designed to strengthen your upper and lower body while challenging your cardiovascular system. It also strengthens your connective tissue and helps create bone density by adding jump rope. I recommend doing 1-3 sets, alternating to keep your body and mind interested and alternate muscle groups so that you can keep exercising hard without experiencing temporary muscle fatigue too quickly. Try doing 5 minutes on elliptical, 1 minute jump rope, 5 minutes stair climbing.

Task List

  • Elliptical  
  • Jump Rope  
  • Stair Climber  

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