Basic Info

  • 33 years old

  • May, 2019

About Me

  • I'm a USMC veteran and home improvement contractor. Was fit, for many years but work and responsibilities drew me away from the gym and off my game. No pro athlete here. Not prepping for a marathon. Just need to find someone else equally serious about getting getting in shape and staying fit through lifting weights.

  • Reached a long awaited goal of having a nice six pack and less than 8% body fat.

  • That would be right now. I'm currently 38 lbs. overweight and can't stand the way I look in any shirt.

  • Getting my mid-section (stomach) down to (undetectable) in a size (medium) shirt.

  • I own my company and work for myself. Getting to the gym is more than enough for me. No time for anything "new".

  • Motivating myself to get into the gym. Honestly, I hate being alone. I have all the knowledge I need to regain fitness, with age comes a certain uninspiring level of "been-there-done-that" that I just can't shake. Dragging myself out of bed to get to the gym is incredibly difficult! Especially with all of the (good) reasons I have for why I should be doing some form of work rather than dropping things to spend an hour or two in the gym.

  • At the moment, my single most motivating factor is absolutely hating the way I look in shirts. I'm thankful for at least this much. God knows should I ever throw in the towel and get comfortable with my gut like most middle aged men, things will REALLY be hopeless! I just want a sane, nice guy who's devoted enough to his own fitness aspirations to allow me to be is support and in return, be mine.

  • One where a proper amount of stress/tension has been applied to each targeted muscle group. No changes happen with any one workout. I know that consistency and persist ency is the key.

Fitness Details

  • Lose body fat

  • I have spurts of consistent exercise, but then go through periods of inactivity.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

  • I prefer friendly partners who help me work harder than I do on my own.

  • Early mornings (before 8am)

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Public Comments

  • By: FitMarine

    Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 9:57am

    I'm currently a member of the New York Sports Club and can workout in multiple locations. If you are in or near the Upper West Side location, please hit me up and lets get a good thing started.

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