Electrolytes for Endurance Athletes

By: jcborro - November 2, 2010
Making sense of the various marketing claims by sports drink and supplement companies is confusing business. Getting solid subjective advice from elite athletes can never hurt. Check out the following article, reprinted with permission from tetonsandwasatch.com:

Essential Electrolytes for Endurance Athletes
by A OK

I’ve taken multivitamins and other dietary supplements, on and off, throughout my entire life, always keen on improving my personal nutrition levels. Still, I’d rarely, if ever, noticed a benefit from doing so. Here follows my story of the first time supplementation has provided noticeable effects for me.

It seemed every ‘sports drink’ had promoted their inclusion of electrolytes into their mix for a long, long time. One day it occurred to me that I didn’t have a full understanding of what electrolytes really were, beyond the most commonly known one, salt. We lose salt when we sweat, that’s why it’s salty to the taste. And so, we need to replenish salt when exercising for hours at a time, to avoid hyponatremia. But wasn’t there an ‘s’ at the end of the word electrolytes? What were the others, and what did they do? Did I learn this in high school and forget it all? Were these electrolights some sort of nightclub lighting system which flickered as a strobe?

I decided to do some research into this mystery to see if I could figure out some answers in an effort to improve my physical performance, as well as recovery time. After a week or two of digging through various sources, I learned more than I had originally wondered. I’ll save you the science behind it all, and instead focus on how I applied it, and to what benefit or detriment.

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Essential Electrolytes for Endurance Athletes

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