Designing Your Training According to Your Body Type

By: mohamadalodah - August 18, 2011

Have you ever wondered why you gain weight faster, why you could not lose those fats faster, why you still have a hard time tuning your body perfectly even though you have a great workout routine? It is pretty simple actually. You just have to know your body type first before you start your training. Knowing your body type can be hard to accept for some. It can be your biggest obstacle, but it can also be your most effective tool. Whether you belong to the “skinny” types, fatty types, or the common bullies who are just naturally gifted with the great body, it will always be a great factor if you know what kind of workout your type needs.

Basically, there are three main body types. There is the Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. But there is no restriction to which body type a person might have. There are also others with a combination of these body types. To know which body type you have, all you have to do is look at the mirror and judge.

The Endomorph

It is a body type which usually has high levels of fat, slow metabolism, rounded body shape and always referred to as “FAT”. The Endomorphs have the biggest problem of losing weight. They have an easy time gaining muscle; however, they also have easy time gaining fat.

The Ectomorph

It is a body type which is the exact opposite of the Endomorph. Having this body type means having high metabolism, thin build, less muscle, less fat and is generally called “SKINNY”. Though Ectomorphs are having a tough time with high amount of training, it has an upside to it – they have really minimal fat gain which can be a great advantage when doing workouts.

The Mesomorph

It is the best body type in any case. Mesomorphs are naturally gifted and they are highly athletic. They do not have trouble gaining muscles and losing fat, they have low body fat amount, like Ectomorphs, they have high metabolism rate, and most of the time they are often referred to as “THE MAN”.

Preparation for the Training

Upon starting the workout routine, the obvious goal is to be able to walk proud and be The Man. To achieve the great effects in your workout and to avoid backfires, there are some points that you need to consider in the design of your workout. So here are some tips on making an effective workout routine that goes well with your body type.

Knowing the Basic Workout Exercises

To start designing the best possible workout routine suited for your body type, you should also take some time knowing about the basic workout exercises and proper executions.

The Bicep Curl – A weight training exercise which targets the biceps to develop its size, strength, and endurance. Even though there are different variations in doing this exercise, the one similarity among the many variations is the “curling motion”.

The Chin-up – A strength training exercise which is also a form of pull-up exercise. It targets the latissimus dorsi muscle, scapular downward rotator and scapular depressor. Basically, the movement starts with both arms reaching up to a gripping bar. The body is then pulled up until the chin is in respect with the bar. Finally, the body is lowered and the exercise is generally repeated.

The Dumbbell Single Leg Calf Raise – Also known as Toe Raises which targets mainly the Gastrocnemius. It starts by grasping a dumbbell in one hand while positioning the toes onto a platform with the heels hanging off the step. Slowly rise up on toes and make a straight line from the body to the ankle. Finally, slowly lower the body and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

The Bench Press – A weight training exercise that focuses on the development of the chest. It can strengthen the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. It starts while the lifter lies on his back while his feet are flat on the ground. Then the lifter lowers a weight down to his chest level then pushes it back till the arms are straight.

The Squat – A full body training exercise which develops the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, hamstring and hips. The exercise starts in a standing position while holding weights (dumbbell or a bar across the upper back). Then it is triggered by lowering the hips and bending the knees to lower the body while carrying the weight, and finally returning to the starting position.

The Dumbbell Shrug – A strength training exercise which primarily targets to develop the upper trapezius muscle. It is done by standing straight while holding dumbbells in both sides, then raising the shoulders as high as possible and lowering them without moving the body or bending the elbows.

Most of the basic exercises are easily done with dumbbells. This means that in order for you to attain the perfect figure, you need to start slow but start strong. It can be more optimized with the help of an adjustable dumbbell set. This will allow you to start at the right level of your strength and at the same time intensify your training bit by bit.

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Greetings! I am Mohamad Alodah, a fitness instructor. I do serious workouts to keep my body fit and healthy. As you can see, I favor to use an adjustable dumbbell set for an efficient workout.

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