Basic Info

  • 44 year old female

  • September, 2006

  • San Diego, CA

About Me

  • I am Dave Depew's assistant. He is an awesome trainer that has taken me from 200 pounds to 155 today.

  • Losing 45 pounds in a fitness transformation program.

  • I hate excuses. Being a personal trainers assistant, I hear them all... and I think, that used to be me. It is sad.

  • I want to be healthy and toned. So my goal for this week is to be 155!

  • I am going to learn how to play tennis.

  • staying 100% focused on my workout, I am a talker!!! :o)

  • I look at pictures from my transformation program. Before and after and remember that moment that I took those pictures. I felt incredible for my final photos, I want to feel like that everyday!

  • A great workout for me is when Dave is keeping me on track and pushing me to do what I think is the impossible.

Fitness Details

  • Improve overall health

  • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

  • I am experienced, knowledgeable and fairly skilled.

  • I am fairly experienced, but by no means an expert.

  • I like to workout with friends, but still want to get a good workout.

  • Evenings (5pm-10pm)

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Public Comments

  • By: sweetazy25

    Friday, October 27, 2006 - 1:04pm

    I could be a lot cuter..but know..I have to let other people be cute too! I cant be selfish! LOL..j/k ...thanks for the support!

  • By: GolfingRN

    Sunday, October 22, 2006 - 1:38pm

    Hi! Thanks for the link. Someday soon, I will get the pleasure of meeting you too!

  • By: proctor

    Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 1:55pm

    Welome to FitLink! Congratulations on your fitness success!

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