Basic Info

    • 43 year old male

    • September, 2010

    • Chicago, IL

    About Me

    • I practice martial arts in the gold coast neighborhood of Chicago-
      boxing, Krav Maga, Philipino Kali… I also do alot of sprinting, weight training, yoga, breathing

    • I don't know.

      Maybe getting a basketball scholarship for my senior year of high school in New York City?

    • I don't really have one.

      Whenever one gets sick or injured is always a lowlight, yes?

    • Too perfect the martial art i have created

    • Im happy with the activities I do…

      I would certainly do alot of swimming in the ocean if there was one here in Chicago!

    • Warming up, especially in the winter… I do all my workouts outdoors in the fresh air..

      Boxing or hittting the bag makes warming up fairly easy.

      I don't access to a bag at the moment, so it will be more challenging this winter.

    • Not much… Im always pretty motivated.

      I think i was born this way..

    • heavy sweating and heavy breathing primarily..

      A mixture of stretching, weight resistance, power, balance, coordination, strength, reflexes

      A mixture of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

      Alot of plyometric exercises..

      A balanced workout that stretches and strengthens all body parts, including the neck, inner thighs, wrists, hip flexors.

    Fitness Details

    • Improve overall health

    • I am consistent and able to workout intensely.

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    • By: DanielBrasil

      Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 8:14pm

      Free martial art instruction.. All equipment provided

      Are you interested in learning martial arts?

      I am looking for a committed training partner. 
      Race, gender, experience and age are not important.

      This is the fastest way to learn.. 
      we should both be very proficient within a year or so.

      We  will also get into excellent shape rather quickly…  

      Controlled sparring & drills w/ a lot of contact to simulate reality.  
      Very realistic yet safe training. 
      Extensive protective gear  
      Safety and injury avoidance is priority.

      All equipment provided-
      gloves, headgear with noseguard, shinguards,
       rib, groin & thigh protection,
       dumbbells, bag mitts, focus mitts. 

      6 foot long may thai banana bag.
       (I cannot hang this bag in my present new apartment. 
      Maybe you have an indoor or outdoor location for it.) 

       Dearborn & Huron location..Twice a week sessions…..
      Hours to be determined.

      We will blend old school boxing with low kicks, 
      japanese jiujitsu & Philipino Kali….

      Head butting, elbows & knees, clawing, empty hand vs knives/guns,
      groin strikes, knife fighting (rubber) can all be practiced safely.

      Strength or force is not used.

      My interest is self defense and health improvement, 
      not competition or prize fighting.. 

      e-mail or contact;

      Daniel Brasil 

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