CityWide SuperSlow

Basic Info

  • 1901 N Clybourn Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614

  • (773) 281-7569


  • About The Location

    • Our private, professional studio is unlike any other workout environment. No mirrors, music, cell phones or crowds are allowed to distract your ability to contentrate.

      CityWide SuperSlow® personal training sessions are by appointment only and there is no membership fee.
      Only 30 Minutes, Once or Twice a Week

      Each session is a full-body workout in less than 30 minutes. Because each muscle or muscle group is worked to failure, recovery is key. Your intense workout creates the necessary stimulus for the body to adapt. To do so properly, the body needs rest for the muscles to fully recover and become stronger. A minimum of three days between workouts is required, with up to seven days possible. It's demanding on your body, not on your schedule.

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