Group Exercise in Chicago

About Group Exercise in Chicago

Group exercise is often more fun than doing it alone, gives you friends who can help hold you accountable for showing up for your workouts, and often push you to work harder than you would on your own. For fun, challenging, outdoor group exercise, look at Bulldog Boot Camp. They run, sprint, do push-ups, drills and stretches through the parks of Chicago and have several different groups that you can join. If you are looking to run with a group, look at CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) and join one of their many different-paced groups for some great group runs on the lakefront. Bally, East Bank Club, Lincoln Park Athletic Club, and the Multiplex gyms all have good group exercise classes, on land and in the water. Another great option is The Chicago Park District; they offer a wide variety of sports for all ages and abilities for you to get involved in.
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