Be Bone Strong!

About The Group

  • To have healthy bones, you need a healthy body. Vitamin D levels, water intake, safe weight lifting, balance, an alkaline diet and weight bearing activities are all important for healthier, stronger bones.

    This group is all about helping you prevent and/or reverse bone loss by living a healthier lifestyle. More and more, people are turning to healthy lifestyle changes and away from osteoporosis medications as the answer to improving their bone strength and quality. Medications may be necessary but they can carry unwanted side effects and will not work well unless accompanied by lifestyle changes.

    Fortunately, osteoporosis responds nicely to healthy lifestyle changes. Make the changes and your bones will respond in kind. In this group we’ll use the “The Big 5 for Bone Health” as our template. We will help you create a plan to strengthen your bones and answer your questions on osteopenia/osteoporosis. In the process, you’ll strengthen your bones and improve your quality of life and independence

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  • Anyone can join

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  • Herndon, VA

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