Açai Berry Health Benefits

By: proctor - May 24, 2011
After a visit to Brazil and trying over a dozen different sucos (juice) bars' version of açai smoothies (crushed ice and açai berries and a touch of sugar), I had a new favorite. It is a purple-brownish drink that tastes so delicious that I couldn't stop thinking about them, and upon learning of the benefits of this wee berry, I began to treat myself to one every day. At only $3, it packs a lunch full of vitamins and immune system boosting properties.

According to experts, there are many açai berry benefits. The main reason açai is considered to be superfood is because it has been shown that the berries have a remarkable amount of powerful antioxidants, benefiting the entire body by protecting the cells from free radicals.

I looked into it further and found this information from www.açai-health.com:

Açai comes from the amazon regions of Brazil. The small, açai purple fruits have been used by Brazillian people for food and health for hundreds of years. Açai fruit grows on a palm tree and is harvested from September to January. It is similar in shape to a grape, and its' nut takes up 90% of the açai berry's volume. The local people consume the berry as a pulp, with sugar and tapioca on top. They depend on it as a dietary staple because of the nourishment it provides.

To read more about the health benefits of açai berries, visit www.açai-health.com or just try a smoothie and feel the benefits for yourself. It is more expensive in the United States and far away countries because it is imported, but if you have the chance, try a little and know that your taste buds and your body will thank you.

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